Trunk or Treat Ideas

It’s trunk or treat time again. So clean your vehicles. Buy tons of over priced bags of candy.  And check out these easy and fun decorating ideas.

_MG_1593DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS: If you’re brave. And have a mini-van. Use two-inch wide strips of grey butcher paper to form zoo cage-like bars. Fold them into cylinders. And hang them in the back of your van. You can use already made pipes as well. Then dress like a lion or tiger or bear (Oh my! I had to say it). When kids reach in for candy, growl and paw at them. Play animal sounds.

AROUND THE WORLD: Hang a world map inside your trunk. Then print off postcards from around the globe from the Internet. A Google image search should do the trick. Then decorate your car with those postcards as well as flags and other recognizable artifacts – bamboo, Chinese lanterns, piñatas, etc.

GONE FISHING: Use white cardboard to form rows of menacing fish teeth. Just cut rows of triangles. Then open your trunk. Put a row of teeth on the trunk lid. And a row on the bumper. CHOMP! You just turned your car into Jaws, Bruce from Nemo or the whale that a swallowed Jonah. Dress up like a Bible character or… Robert Shaw. And feel free to add fins and gills.

THE CANDY OF OZ: Travel with Dorothy, using yellow fabric to form a brick road flowing from the trunk of your car. Then make a three foot castle cutout with cardboard. Paint it like castle bricks. Then prop it up in your trunk. Dress as the Tin Man or Lion. Make the guild proud by handing out lollipops. Play the Wizard of Oz soundtrack (or Pink Floyd). Oh, and throw in a cardboard rainbow for added ambience.

_MG_1542GO HOLLYWOOD: Wrap your car in movie posters. Then use four foot wide red fabric to create a red carpet flowing out from your trunk. Dress as your favorite movie characters, the paparazzi or in a tux like you’re going to the Oscars. Don’t forget to play great movie soundtracks over loud speakers.

START YOUR ENGINES: On your mark. Get set. Goooo…  Set up orange cones leading to your car. Have kids run through the cones to get to your trunk full of candy. (Could also be fun to use a tricycle or wagon.) Post lots of checkered flags. And as far as costume, dress as a racecar driver or 1950s greasers.

And for any car theme… cornhole, cakewalks, etc. are always fun.

Hope these help. Happy trunk or treating.