July 23 - 27, '18
$145 - $399$130 - $384

Event Director: TBA


Event Coordinator: TBA

Robby Gallaty

Robby has served as Long Hollow Baptist Church's Senior Pastor since 2015. He wasn't always a pastor, though. For three years, he battled a $180 a day drug addiction that ravaged his life. After lo... READ MORE

D. A. Horton

For over 16 years D.A. also used the medium of Rap music as a tool to help educate the people of God on the precepts of Scripture as well as how to evangelize to the lost by presenting them ... READ MORE

Vertical Church Band

The idea that worshiping Jesus Christ is best done not when we just sing about Him or what He has done or what He will do in the future. The highest and best worship is modeled by what the angels do: ... READ MORE