Jun 24 - 28, 2019

Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Wake Forest has a beautiful campus with quaint southern charm. It is arranged to have every area within short walking distance, making it very easy to get around. Students can enjoy the pool or a game of basketball, volleyball, or Frisbee golf during free time.

Wake Forest University


1834 Wake Forest Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27106


The cafeteria is centrally located on campus and holds 700 people. It is one of the top cafeterias we use at Student Life and is a staff favorite.  It is served cafeteria-style and has many different stations that students can use. The cafeteria features pizza, sandwich and wrap, dessert and ice cream, burgers and fries, home-style and rotisserie, and flavored water (apple, lemon and cucumber) bars. Seating has a bit of a diner feel featuring tables, booths and counter stools. 


Guys: 2 per room; community bathrooms
Girls: 2 per room; community bathrooms
Many of the dorms are up on the upper quad that gives great proximity to the cafeteria and chapel. 


Free Time Options
Pool, basketball, volleyball, frisbee golf, recreation fields, campus bookstore*, snack shop*
*Requires additional fee

Area Attractions
Reynolda Village                336.758.5584
Historic Bethabara Park     336.924.8191
Sciworks                             336.767.6730

Feel free to enjoy area attractions on your way to or from camp.

Wake Forest University has no responsibility for the conduct of any program or activity offered by Student Life. Wake Forest functions only as a site for the conference/camp and will provide many of the services specified for the camp such as facilities, food and housing. The University assumes no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss to any person or property, from any cause whatsoever except to the extent such liability results from the sole negligence of Wake Forest.

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