Adam Robinson


Being a Christian should be fun, but its not easy. Along the way we all need people to help us find the next step in our journey with Christ. Helping students find that next step has been the backbone of Adam Robinsons ministry since day one. For the past nine years hes been traveling and preaching at camps, conferences, revivals and other events to help people achieve that goal.

Adam began working with Student Life Camp in 1997 where he started as a seminar speaker and has been serving as a camp pastor since 1998.

Adam grew up in a Christian home in Montgomery, AL, but drifted into complacency as a teenager. During a camp experience of his own, God helped him see that he could walk with Jesus in a way that has changed everything. Convinced that many believers struggle with complacency, Adam preaches and teaches hoping to help students avoid a bland, mediocre religious life and instead discover what a vibrant and life-giving adventure walking with Christ really is.

Adam earned a Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School. He now resides in Birmingham, AL with his wife, Alison, and serves as the senior pastor at Double Oak Community Church.