Connor Graves

Connor began serving with Student Life as a member of the summer camp staff in 2013 before joining as a Ministry Event Director in 2015. He now works to assist churches and to lead a team in the summer towards the goal of helping students know Christ. Connor received a degree in Marketing from Auburn University before joining the Student Life staff.


From: Decatur, Alabama


School Ties: Auburn University


Family: 2 parents, Kirk and Sissy; older brother, Seth; younger sister, Mary


Likes: Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!), Needtobreathe, Tennis, Traveling, Singing/Dancing, Speaking Spanish, Running


2 Facts, 1 Fib

  1. I have won 2 hot dog eating eating contests.
  2. I have run a full marathon (26.2 miles).
  3. I played a game of spoons with Needtobreathe.