Rebekah Eddy

Rebekah grew up attending various Student Life for Kids and Student Life Camps. She fell in love with event planning and administrative ministry in college where she worked as a wedding planner and as an assistant to the associate pastor at her church.

Rebekah sees the Kingdom impact of detailed, administration work. She loves being able to work behind the scenes to create processes and plan through events so the Gospel can be presented without distraction. Serving where shes gifted so others are free to focus their efforts on where they are skilled is one of her greatest passions.

Rebekah graduated from the University of Arkansas (Woo Pig) in 2016 where she studied Marketing and Non-Profits. She began her seasonal employment with Student Life in 2014 and served in 3 different positions for 4 summers before joining the full-time team in 2017. Rebekah loves fruit roll ups and Oreos, she is terrible at Pac-Man, and one day she wants to live in a lighthouse.